10​,​000 Masks / Panopticon (Single)

by White Shadow



"10,000 Masks" and "Panopticon" will be featured on the upcoming White Shadow album, Panopticon - out December, 2014.
"Love Bites" was featured on the COMA Music Magazine compilation, Spandex on the Sunset Strip: A Tribute to '80s Metal.


released January 1, 2014

White Shadow are:
DXNero, Nytro, Kryptych, Marowit, & Wahkeen

Music by White Shadow
Lyrics by DXNero
Except "Love Bites" by Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, & K.K. Downing (Judas Priest)

Produced by White Shadow
Mixed & mastered by DXNero
Cover image by Kryptych - manipulated from an original image by Jessica "Pariah"



all rights reserved


White Shadow Baltimore, Maryland

White Shadow delivers an all-out musical assault that brings together funky bass and heavy guitars, old-school industrial dance rhythms, and sexualized lyrics. Now with a new album, titled Panopticon, White Shadow stands poised to cast its dark audio/visual aesthetic on the industrial rock underground and beyond. ... more

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Track Name: 10,000 Masks [Demo]
They told me that good boys were quiet
Held it in 'til I began to rot
Misanthropy masked by a smile
You believe I'm everything I'm not

I'll be your savior
I'll be your friend
I'll be the one who twists the knife in
I'll be the nightmare that sets you free
It doesn't matter much to me

Some want vengeance, I want chaos
Pound for pound, it's what I'm all about
I descend, become an inferno
Consume it all until you snuff me out
Track Name: Panopticon [Demo]
The girl could just not raise the child
She was too young, her heart too wild
Left no memento - not a trace
As she set out for some new place
The boy, too young to understand
The Watcher came and took his hand
Gazed with omnipresent eyes
And spoke with words like drowning flies

Truly this world revels in discord
When heinous acts can reap such great rewards
Sin facilitates ever more sin
The stage is set, cycle begins again

The farmers till, the workers toil
The Watcher watches love despoiled
Every move efficiently designed
To hurt, to wound, to seek, to find
This isn't love. It's called control
The parts do not make up a whole
I can't believe that love exists
I find that only rage persists